Launch your Medicare Prescription Payment Plan with HLTHCard

HLTHCard is a purpose built, buy now pay later platform designed to improve access and affordability to much needed care.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 1 in 5 (~21%) Americans say they have not filled a prescription because of the cost.

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Image of the enrollment page from the HLTHCard portal embedded onto a laptop.

HLTHCard is working to change this for Medicare beneficiaries by providing Medicare Plans and their Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs) by offering the first turnkey solution to operate the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan created in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Our platform- built by healthcare, operations and payments experts- provides organizations the infrastructure necessary to support the financial services workflows required to operate the program.  HLTHCard educates and enrolls members,  processes transactions, calculates payments and generates invoices—all while remaining compliant with healthcare, banking, and payment regulations.

Image of the value chain HLTHCard provides embedded on an iPad. Value chain options listed are Educate, Enroll, Calculate Payments, Invoice, Customer Support, Process Payments, and Reporting.

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